Dec 10th 2015: Mark Redito, Masayoshi Iimori, Seimei, Grimecraft, Guy Akimoto &Tdoyle by AFK Presents, brought us a night of beats with their great line up!  

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Mark Redito: AKA Spazzkid was born in Manila and lives in Los Angeles. Spazzkid has been making waves over the last few years with his lush, glistening brand of synth-heavy arrangements, quickly scooping up a following after the release of his wonderful 2014 debut. Since then he's gifted fans with the EP Promise, as well as a number of remixes and a nation-wide tour along like-minded beat-maker, Giraffage, showcasing his energetic live set. Spazzkid has given word of a new shift in his repertoire as an artist-he's changing his name. That's right, Spazzkid is no more. But don't worry kids, the music isn't going anywhere! It has simply taken on a more personal tone that is more direct and approachable! ~DNA Lounge